Foam Tiles – Great Looking Easy DIY Flooring

Foam TilesWe recently finished a room in our basement and we wanted to pick an economical and easy to DIY flooring option. We considered vinyl tile, loose lay vinyl and rubber flooring amongst others. We were iffy on woods and laminates because this is a basement even though it is walkout and not damp thanks to the precast walls plus that wouldn’t exactly be “easy” DIY.

Finally we ended up going with Foam Tiles – these look sufficiently like wood, are soft to walk on. It took us an hour or so to do the whole room – just put them together like a puzzle. And they are easy to cut using a big scissor or a utility knife. They dont need to be glued or stuck or anything, just lay then down and done. The good part is they are cheap and easy to replace individually. They seem fairy sturdy but I think sharp objects, dragging furniture without some moving pads etc. will damage them.

As far as fitting together goes the tiles are really good. You can only tell edges by looking for the puzzle pattern or looking at just the right angle. If you do decide to get these, they are not exactly 24×24 because of the way edges are counted in the tile size. Assume they are 23×23 while calculating what you need.

We bought our tiles from Rubber Flooring Inc.  They have good fast shipping and it was free for these tiles. After we were done we noticed a damaged tile. The company offered to send us a replacement immediately. The tiles cost us about 2$/sq ft including wastage.

2 thoughts on “Foam Tiles – Great Looking Easy DIY Flooring

  1. Melanie says:

    I just came across this and am thinking of using these same times. My question is have they held up?

  2. Siddharth Dalal says:

    Yes they have held up though sharp items can slice through them. Heavy items make dents but they seem to gradually go away when the items are moved.

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