Why is BMW so Desperate for Tesla Reservation Holders?

3 thoughts on “Why is BMW so Desperate for Tesla Reservation Holders?

  1. chuck scifers says:

    Hi Siddharth,
    I am involved with a start-up company that has developed a new battery technology. In essence, it uses no Lithium-Ion, will not ignite, is non-toxic, has low-cost manufacturing, and is currently reaching 550 Watts per Kg, and shows positive potential to reach over 650 Wh/Kg within the next six months.
    Could you possibly point me to the person in your organization that is involved in analyzing the new green technology offerings?
    I would like to provide that person with an Executive Summary, information about the technology, to-date progress, value proposition, manufacturing cost analysis, and our comprehensive business plan to move forward.

  2. Siddharth Dalal says:

    I’m not part of any organization that has anything to do with batteries or electric cars. I work at ChartIQ – http://www.chartiq.com/ – and blog here and write at seeking alpha as a hobby.

    Good luck with your battery. I’ve heard Tesla talk about wanting working samples and not PowerPoints. Why don’t you send them a sample and contact them directly or tweet Elon musk after sending the sample?

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