3 thoughts on “Why is BMW so Desperate for Tesla Reservation Holders?”

  1. Hi Siddharth,
    I am involved with a start-up company that has developed a new battery technology. In essence, it uses no Lithium-Ion, will not ignite, is non-toxic, has low-cost manufacturing, and is currently reaching 550 Watts per Kg, and shows positive potential to reach over 650 Wh/Kg within the next six months.
    Could you possibly point me to the person in your organization that is involved in analyzing the new green technology offerings?
    I would like to provide that person with an Executive Summary, information about the technology, to-date progress, value proposition, manufacturing cost analysis, and our comprehensive business plan to move forward.

  2. I’m not part of any organization that has anything to do with batteries or electric cars. I work at ChartIQ – http://www.chartiq.com/ – and blog here and write at seeking alpha as a hobby.

    Good luck with your battery. I’ve heard Tesla talk about wanting working samples and not PowerPoints. Why don’t you send them a sample and contact them directly or tweet Elon musk after sending the sample?

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