Code Project With My Son: Fully Playable Prototype

Last time I detailed my troubles and dark nights of the soul trying to teach my son how to code. Many more tantrums, struggles and dark days, weekends and nights later we now have a working prototype of the game.

It is an Indian card game called 7-8 (सात आठ). Think of it like a very simple two player bridge – a game designed as an introduction to the basic concepts of card games like tricks/hands and trumps.

The prototype is completely playable with some limitations like the human must always select the trump.

Without further ado, here’s the game and here’s my son’s blog post about the game.

In the code for the game, trump is called hokum because Ahan refused to type the word trump in opposition to the president. Also note the “please choose your trump suite” instead of “choose trump” during game play.

3 thoughts on “Code Project With My Son: Fully Playable Prototype

  1. Gautam says:

    Great achievement. Congrats due to yr perseverance and patience. Gr8

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