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In my last post I warned about how bad payday loans are and said you need to check out personal loans before you try payday loans. But I didn’t get into how to find them. It turns out that finding personal loans (online) is harder than I thought because most lender websites are overly informative but the most basic information is missing, which is the rates.

Recently I was contacted to review a personal loan company – Choice Personal Loans – one of the few where I could find some information about rates. However they only mention National averages of rates. Ideally it would be nice if you could put in your credit score and state and it would give you a real rate.

Often companies disguise some kind of credit consolidation as a personal loan as is done on and

All the above sites offer loads of advice on getting loans etc. but they key piece = the rate is missing until you fill out forms. I’m not sure what happens once you fill the information out but if you do have experience with online loan vendors comments are welcome.

Oh, and I can’t not ( 🙂 ) mention – which is like the ebay of personal loans.

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